“The FLIGHT Twin Fin, often referred to as the “Twinnie”, is designed to deliver the speed and quick direction changes of a modern performance twin fin surfboard.”
Kyle Bernhardt

The FLIGHT Twin is a modern twin fin with a pulled-in nose and a deep retro swallow tail.

The Twinnie is for surfers who understand the design concepts of a true twin fin and know how to (or willing to learn how to) ride a true twin fin. A true twin fin only has two fin boxes and the fin placement on a twin fin is very different from the fin placement on thrusters, 2+1, quads or five fin boards. Quite a few surfers have professed to putting two larger fins in the front fin boxes of their “non-twin fin” board to check out “how the board surfs as a twin”. That is really not a fair test and generally that type of flawed test results in a super “slidey” feeling without the drive associated with a true twin fin.

The Twin at 7’7” x 29” x 3 3/4” and 94 Liters is surprisingly stable due to its width and bottom contours. The Twin bottom starts with a flat area near the nose to a double concave to a single concave throughout the fin area. It is available in a two Futures Fin configuration. We believe the boards works best with larger fins than standard surfboard twin fins. We recommend at least 5 3/4” high twin fins.




TWIN “Twinnie”
Length: 7’7″
Width: 29″
Thickness: 3 3/4″
Volume: 94 L
Weight: 14.1 lbs
Weight Carbon: 15.2 lbs
Style: Special Twin
Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt