“The FLIGHT Step Up is designed to handle a more serious day, when the surf is more ledgy and hollow.”
Kyle Bernhardt

Conceptually, a Step Up is narrower, has less volume, a less curvier rail line (board outline) and is slightly longer than your everyday shortboard SUP.

The FLIGHT Step Up was designed with these concepts in mind. The FLIGHT Step Up is narrower and longer which facilitates paddling speed for catching waves. It has ample nose rocker to accommodate the heavier drops and steeper walls and the the less curvier rail line combined with the “V” in the tail area, generates more acceleration out of your turns. This board comes off the bottom hard and absolutely flies down the line.

The Step Up bottom contours are similar to the Malolo, a double concave, to a single, but finishes with a “V” in the tail for better response and control in more powerful waves. It comes in a four Futures Fins and 8.5” center fin configuration and we do try to keep a limited number of five Futures Fins configured boards around for the die-hard thruster surfers.




STEP-UP 8’0″ STEP-UP 8’6″ STEP-UP 9’0″
Length: 8’0″ Length: 8’6″ Length: 9′ 0″
Width: 26 1/4″ Width: 28″ Width: 29″
Thickness: 3 3/4″ Thickness: 4″ Thickness: 4″
Volume: 88 L Volume: 101 L Volume: 114 L
Weight: 14.3 lbs Weight: 15.8 lbs Weight: 17.2 lbs
Weight Carbon: 12.5 lbs Weight Carbon: 15.2 lbs Weight Carbon: 15.8 lbs
Style: Step Up Style: Step Up Style: Step Up
Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt