“The Shorty is one of our shortboard SUPs and at 7’10” x 28 1’2” x 3 3/4” and 99 liters, it is a very compact board that will work well for a larger surfer looking for a sub-eight foot board.”
Kyle Bernhardt

The Shorty has more bottom curve (rocker) than the Malolo and it has more curve in the outline than the Step Up.

Both the nose and tail of the Shorty are wider than the similar sized Rockets. These design concepts result in a very compact board that turns easily and fits in tight pockets; it surfs like your favorite shortboard. The wide tail works as designed and provides great action on top turns.

The Shorty bottom starts with a flat entry to a double concave to a single concave through the fin area. It comes in a four Futures Fins and 8.5” center fin configuration and we do try to keep a limited number of five Futures Fins configured boards around for the die-hard thruster surfers.




Length: 7’10”
Width: 28 1/2″
Thickness: 3 3/4″
Volume: 99 L
Weight: 15 lbs
Weight Carbon: 13.7 lbs
Style: Short Board
Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt