“This board is everything you would want from a modern longboard. It’s extremely fast, responsive, loose and nose rides very well.”
Dick Brewer

The PLB features the “state of the art” bottom contours of a competition board combined with an aggressive nose and tail rocker.

There is very subtle nose concave which helps you control your nose rides. The roll in the middle give you the control you need to turn without being on the tail. This roll transitions to vee off the tail with concaves in the vee to provide acceleration throughout turns and maneuvers. The apex of the vee has been moved just slightly in front of the fins resulting in a an extremely loose board. It also creates a pivot point which makes the board more forgiving when you over commit to a turn. While the 9’6” Brewer has an even flow of the volume from nose to tail, the 9’0 has all the volume in the middle. This is exactly where you need the volume when you are paddling. Both the nose and tail have been thinned down to make them more responsive. The 9’0” is available in a 4+1 Futures Fins configuration.




Length: 9’0″
Width: 22 1/2″
Thickness: 2 3/4″
Volume: 69 L
Weight: 12.4 lbs
Weight Carbon: 12.0 lbs
Style: Longboard
Shaper: Dick Brewer