“The Pandora is a 32″ wide all-around board and consistent with FLIGHT’s sleek surfing foils and low volume rails. It is very stable and surfs really well in a variety of conditions.”
Kyle Bernhardt

The Pandora is the first board in FLIGHT’s new Recreational Line.

The Pandora is designed for both surfers who have never surfed a SUP or for surfers who are riding a much longer SUP and are looking for a shorter board but don’t want to sacrifice stability or flotation. Unlike most short and wide SUPs on the market and consistent with FLIGHT’s performance SUPs, it has a sleek surfing foil and low volume rail.

The Pandora bottom contour features a single concave nose for lift, moving into a double concave in the center, which provides stability and control, and then blends back into a single concave in the tail for speed and freedom to turn. It comes in a four Futures Fins and a 8.5” center fin box configuration.




Length: 9’0″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 4″
Volume: 135 L
Weight: 22 lbs
Weight Carbon: 20 lbs
Style: Fun Board
Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt