“This 9’6” can glide, trim and noseride like a classic and still bang a vertical snap, floater or re-entry if you have it in you.”
Dick Brewer

The NEO Longboard is an excellent blend of old and new.

The 9’6” has the low entry rocker of the classic nose riders which ensures the board planes quickly when paddling for a wave. A subtle nose concave helps you stay on the nose easier and longer. The middle of the board transitions to a subtle roll which helps the board turn easily without being on the tail. The tail of the board is state of the art modern longboard bottom with the roll transitioning to a heavy panel vee between the fins. The concaves in the panel vee provide acceleration throughout turns and maneuvers. The vee continues off the tail for fast rail to rail responsiveness when you are on the tail. Additionally, the tail has a slight kick to allow release when top turning and noseriding. The rails are modern (neo) 60/40 with a hard edge through the tail. There is an even flow of volume from nose to tail. The 9’6” is available in a 2+1 Futures Fins configuration.




Length: 9’6″
Width: 22 7/8″
Thickness: 3″
Volume: 75 L
Weight: 14.6 lbs
Weight Carbon: 12.8 lbs
Style: Longboard
Shaper: Dick Brewer