The 8’0” Mini Longboard with deck channels, was specifically designed for the smaller surfer who wants to surf a lightweight board that catches waves easily, surfs extremely well and is even capable of nose riding.

The Mini Longboard, particularly in the carbon construction, also works for a larger surfer who is looking to add a funboard to their quiver.

The narrower width of the 8’0” MLB, 21 1/2”, along with the deck channels (easier to grip the rails!!), increases the likelihood that a smaller surfer will be able to carry this board under their arm vice having to carry it sticking out from their waist like a cocktail tray or carry it on their head. The deck channels, which look cool, actually serve a structural purpose; deck channels strengthen the board longitudinally without significantly increasing the weight of the board. (Similar design concept as corrugated cardboard is stronger than a sheet of similar weight cardboard.)

The 8’0” MLB bottom is a tried and true roll to to a vee bottom with generous nose rocker. All boards are 4+1 fin configuration (4 Futures boxes with 10.5” center box).




Length: 8’0″
Width: 21 1/2″
Thickness: 2 3/4″
Volume: 52 L
Weight: 10.7 lbs
Weight Carbon: 10.2 lbs
Style: Mini Longboard
Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt