“The Malolo “Flying Fish” is a high performance fish designed for smaller conditions. It instantly creates phenomenal speed down the line while maintaining incredible maneuverability.”
Kyle Bernhardt

The Malolo, “Flying Fish”, is designed to be a high performance fish primarily for smaller waves (waist to just overhead).

Conceptually, fish designs are wider boards with increased volume, full noses that come to a tip, wider tails, a relatively flat rocker and are generally shorter than other boards.  So the wider board, wider nose, flatter rocker characteristics of a fish, are ideal for SUPs since those characteristics also contribute to board stability. These concepts, in various degrees, are incorporated into the Malolo.  As a result, the Malolo is stable, catches waves easier, generates phenomenal speed down the line and is much more maneuverable than a shortboard-style or longboard-style SUP in similar small-wave conditions.

The Malolo bottom is a double concave, to a single and to an almost flat area off the tail which gives it the “squirt” or “pop”.  It comes in a five Futures Fins configuration that allows a surfer to ride the board as a thruster, or with two larger front fins and a center trailer fin, in smaller waves to get that skatey-sensation. We recommend it be ridden as a powerful quad in larger waves.




Length: 7’6″ Length: 8’0″ Length: 8′ 6″
Width: 28 3/8″ Width: 28 3/4″ Width: 29 5/8″
Thickness: 3 1/2″ Thickness: 3 3/4″ Thickness: 4″
Volume: 86 L Volume: 105 L Volume: 119 L
Weight: 13.9 lbs Weight: 15.5 lbs Weight: 17.2 lbs
Weight Carbon: 13.2 lbs Weight Carbon: 15.2 lbs Weight Carbon: 16.1 lbs
Style: Fish Style: Fish Style: Fish
Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt