“I shaped the LB1 not only to look like a longboard, but to surf like one too.”
Kyle Bernhardt

The Longboard 1 (LB1) is designed to be an all around longboard style SUP and a wave catching machine.

The LB1 has a relatively flat rocker through the first two-thirds of the board which makes it an exceptionally fast paddling board combined with the ideal amount of tail rocker to facilitate turning and cutbacks. It glides well, turns well and allows for all important tip time. The LB1 Series is also our best flat-water paddling board.

The LB1 bottom has a slight roll to vee for a smoother rail to rail “glidey” feel. The LB1 comes in a four Futures Fins and a 10” center fin box configuration.




LB1 9’0″ LB1 9’6″ LB1 10’0″
Length: 9’0″ Length: 9’6″ Length: 10′ 0″
Width: 28″ Width: 29″ Width: 29 3/4″
Thickness: 3 3/4″ Thickness: 4″ Thickness: 4″
Volume: 106 L Volume: 117 L Volume: 139 L
Weight: 17.1 lbs Weight: 19.3 lbs Weight: 20.2 lbs
Weight Carbon: 16.1 lbs Weight Carbon: 18.3 lbs Weight Carbon: 18.7 lbs
Style: Long Board Style: Long Board Style: Long Board
Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt