“This production board is as good as any custom board I’ve owned. I’m so confident of the performance characteristics, I ride these boards in contests.”
Duane DeSoto

The Duane DeSoto Series Performance Longboards are the result of several years of Duane DeSoto and Kyle Bernhardt collaboration.

The foundation of the series, the 9’1” Makaha is the design Duane surfed to win the ASP World Longboard Championship in 2010. The 9’3” Keawaula, the 9’4” La Hiki and the 9’6” Makua are all based on the 9’1” Makaha design. Once these premium production boards were available in 2012, Duane liked the feel of them so much that he started riding them in competition including the World Championship Contest in 2012-14.

The boards have a relatively lower rocker with a complex contemporary concave bottom. The bottom contour starts with a defined teardrop shaped concave for nose riding. It then transitions into a double concave through the center of the board and then back into a single concave in the fin area and then flat off the tail for a very light, sharp, positive and precise feel. The deck channels, which look cool and make it easier to grab/hold the board, actually serve a structural purpose; deck channels strengthen the board longitudinally without significantly increasing the weight of the board. (Similar design concept as corrugated cardboard is stronger than a sheet of similar weight cardboard.)

DD boards are available in a 2+1 fin configuration (2 Futures boxes with 10.5” center box).

Duane DeSoto Series Features:

  •  Available in four sizes 9’1”, 9’3”, 9’4”, 9’6”
  • Choose between two constructions;  a lightweight fiberglass/PVC sandwich or lightweight full carbon fiber/PVC
  • All boards are in a 2+1 fin configuration (2 Futures boxes with 10.5” center box)
  • Carbon boards have an worry free self-venting plug
  • Black horizontal curvy lines between colors on the carbon boards are actually “carbon windows” (you can see the carbon between the colors)




Length: 9’3″
Width: 23 1/4″
Thickness: 3″
Volume: 74 L
Weight: 12.7 lbs
Weight Carbon: 12.0 lbs
Style: Longboard
Shaper: Kyle Bernhardt