“FLIGHT is a Hawaii based company focused on producing high performance boards.”

FLIGHT boards are characterized by their lightweight, contest proven shapes and state of the art construction. A defining characteristic of FLIGHT performance surfing SUPs is their low volume rails. Our boards are intended for skilled surfers who instinctively understand advanced board design and appreciate the unequalled performance they provide.

FLIGHT boards are for those who want to ride the best boards each time they paddle out.

Once you catch your first wave on a FLIGHT, you will immediately “feel” the difference and know why these are the boards you want to ride. Each of our different board series are specifically designed to maximize your surfing abilities on a wide variety of wave types.

FLIGHT also offers a full range of custom surfboards, surfing SUPs and downwind SUPs.

In the fall of 2011, I broke my favorite, almost every-day, custom SUP while surfing on the North Shore. I immediately began searching online and scouring Oahu surf shops for a replacement board. I really didn’t want to be without a SUP in the 8’6” – 9’0” range for two months of prime surfing season while waiting on a new custom board. I wanted a board with similar design characteristics to my broken one but I also wanted something more advanced…thinner, less volume, more responsive and durable. I looked at many different boards but most of them were still built based on outdated design concepts; big boxy rails, thick tails, funky noses, curious rockers, NASCAR-like graphics, along with fairly heavy and questionable construction quality.

That unsuccessful search for the “right” board, along with several other factors, (enthusiastic urging from a substantial number of local watermen, the fact that we live and surf on Oahu, we had recently started a surfboard company, we had been designing really good, competitive boards for 25 years and we knew the owner of the best production board factory in the world), convinced us to start a performance based board company to make boards that we, and our friends, want to ride.

FLIGHT boards are designed by North Shore shaper Kyle Bernhardt with 25 years of shaping experience and feedback from many of Hawaii’s top surfers including two-time former longboard world champion Bonga Perkins, former longboard world champion Duane DeSoto, Hawaiian waterman Pomai Hoapili, North Shore lifeguard/waterman Andrew Logreco.

As an avid surfer, SUP surfer and SUP downwinder, Kyle has been refining his SUP designs and construction techniques since 2005. FLIGHT boards represent the best of Kyle’s experience and his most advanced designs. He encourages SUP surfers to ride smaller (less volume) boards that provide near-surfboard-like responsiveness in all wave conditions. He knows first hand that these smaller and more responsive boards, while challenging, are also much more rewarding to ride.

FLIGHT SUP Team Rider Bonga Perkins won The Sunset Pro, the first event of the Standup World Tour 2012, riding his custom 9’6 FLIGHT in a very solid 8-10 Sunset. FLIGHT Longboard rider Duane DeSoto won the ASP World Longboard Championship in 2010 riding a 9’1” custom board shaped by Kyle Bernhardt.

FLIGHT Team Rider Andrew Logreco, riding Bernhardt’s custom downwind boards, has two impressive back-to-back wins (2010-2011) and a second place (2012) finish in the Stock 14′ Division of the grueling 32 mile annual Molokai to Oahu open ocean race. In May of 2012, Andrew impressively won the 12’6 division in the Long Distance event at the Quiksilver Paddle Festival at Waikiki (formerly Battle of The Paddle Waikiki).

  • Challenge yourself in the water; progressively pursue performance
  • Board performance is based equally on design AND construction. Board construction (flex and weight) deserve the same consideration as board design (shape) when it comes to performance
  • Most SUP surfers have the ability to ride smaller (less volume) more performance-oriented boards…but are reluctant to try
  • You should ride the best boards you can get your hands on…FLIGHT boards!
The ocean is dynamic and as surfers it provides us with endless challenges and opportunities in the form of different wave sizes and shapes. Trying to design ONE board that works well in ALL conditions is simply impossible. Boards that try to do too much, end up doing NONE of them very well. That’s why we embrace a “no compromises” board quiver concept when designing our unique series of FLIGHT boards. We purposely shape each board to perform at the absolute highest level in the conditions they are designed to be ridden in. Regardless of what the ocean offers on any given day, you can be confident that you are on the right board to make the absolute most of it.